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VidPro Review why buy it

Woocommerce YITH Magnifier Zoom VidPro Review is a feature that can fit any electronic store, because it will help visitors better view product photos, detailed thanks to auto zoom into the image on mouseover products represented in our image page.


Of course to install this plugin, you should install the plugin for Woocommerce YITH Essential Kit # 1 on, then on YITH Plugins -> YITH Essential Kit for Woocommerce # 1 and find Zoom Magnifier WooCommerce plugin YITH to install to.


Once installed, your products automatically available VidPro Review effects, but it also provides a section called regional custom plugins so you can reset the options in YITH -> Zoom magnifier .


Meaning of options:

General Settings

Zoom Magnifier WooCommerce YITH Activate: Activate the zoom effect for product image.
Activate on Mobile device: Activate effects on cell phones.
Forced Image Size: Pressed to display VidPro Review image size suitable for this plugin, so choose if you want to show well.
Magnifier Settings

Zoom Box Width: The width of the image display area in zoom mode.
Zoom Box Height: The width of the image display area in zoom mode, up to the auto.
Image size: The size of the avatar image products.
Zoom Box Position: Position display zoom box.
Zoom Box for mobile devices Position: Position display box zoom for mobile devices.
Loading label: Text that appears when it is loading.
Lens opacity: Opacity of the zoom lens.
Blur: Enable auto dimming.
Slider Settings

Activate Slider: Enable slide thumbnail image for the product inside.
Responsive Slider Activate: Activate VidPro Review slide for Responsive.
Items: The number of thumbnails displayed in the slide.
Circular carousel: Enable while watching this slide, the next slide will be the first slide.
Infinite carousel: Same as above, but do not get it on its description.
That's it, you can reset the options according to his will here – visit my site: :VidProVidPro reviewVidPro bonusVidPro proVidPro review and bonusVidPro review why buy itVidPro review get it now

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