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Video Titan 2.0 Review get it now

In WordPress, Filter Hook will  Video Titan 2.0 Review be declared by apply_filters function () and allows us to edit the content code that was set hook. For example, open the file you will see the following /templates/single-product/sale-flash.php:

and you can edit the HTML content that you have seen it,  Video Titan 2.0 Review and it also contains two additional parameters added to the variable we can use.

And when you need to use to filter, we will have to revise the code after the content that we want. Example:

You can customize what type code, as long as the content filter is carefully displayed nhoreturn out offline.

View the entire filter hook Woocommerce


WordPress using the hook in general and in particula  Video Titan 2.0 Review r Woocommerce only that only this much, but the key is that we will apply it like for flexibility. The fact I see now that we have not needed it most likely will not know what to do with it, but when you need to customize Woocommerce the hook remember thinking offline.

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